We give out various scooping paddling adventures which are relished at Crystal lake, which is also winded up by Baum lake, situated towards the North of Crystal Lake. There are various rides:

Kayak: The lake offers us with the serene experience of kayaking in the crystal lake. The boats are rented on an hourly basis.

Fishing: The crystal lake is also known for fishing. Kayaking your way through the waters and then fishing is one of the best experience that it lays forth.The wild Trouts, Rainbows and German Browns are the most popular ones in this lake. The most favorable time for fishing is from December to February.

SUP: Its abbreviated for ‘stand-up paddle boards’ which can be rented and then driven in the crystal lake along with the experience of fishing that one might revel in.

The visitors can also come across over a number of about 200-300 adult Canadian Geese, along with their young ones,strolling their way, off the shore. The summer and the spring time is the most ideal for the visit to the crystal lake.

This place is open for boating from dawn to dusk, but only with the accessibility to the motor boats at a speed of strictly about 5 m.p.h.

Crystal lake witnesses a Fish brooder in the vicinity of the Baum lake that lands a number of over 2,000 German browns and 17,000 rainbows in the lake every year.

The place also holds vault toilets and parking lot towards the Baum lake.

The various sport amenities which are required can be easily spotted and rented from the various near by renting stores at a reasonable rate. They comprise of the Kayak Rentals, Stand-Up paddle board rentals, Bike Rentals and many more.

This is one of the most visited sporting grounds for carrying out various leisure activities with plethora of fun and adventurous thrill, packed with a profuse delight to hatch into the nature!

So, if you are hunting for a hangout place in the summers or springs, then Crystal Lake is the perfect to spend the time with a zesty will.