Stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding is one of the newest and trendiest sports that is now becoming more and more accepted by the people of the world. SUP boarding is an outdoor water sport that has its origins in the island of Hawaii, where people took to SUP boarding as an alternative to surfing.

The word about the sport is spreading through various mediums to almost all countries all over the world. The sport is now practiced in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and even India and has also become one of the most practiced sports of the UK now in 2018.

So, for the people wanting to begin practicing this sport, they would first have to buy a SUP board. Here is a list of the best SUP boards along with a brief description of each of them  

  1. Red Paddle Co. 10’8 Ride: 

This SUP board by Red Paddle Co. is an inflatable SUP board, also known as iSUP boards, and has a system that allows it to be inflated only once, and it wouldn’t ever be needing to be inflated. This allows you to easily go SUP boarding, without worrying about pumping the SUP board with air. The board in 34 inches wide and 4.7 inches thick, giving a comfortable SUP boarding experience to the user. 

  1. Bic 9’2 River Air:

The Bic 9’2 River Air is a large SUP board created by the company called Robin Hood Water sports. It is 6 ft thick and can be used on all sorts of water surfaces, including but not limited to, seas and rivers. This board is also an inflatable SUP board and is one of the lightest boards users will ever come across. The SUP board also has a huge volume of 280 litres and is also extremely easy to inflate. The accompaniments of this SUP boars are: a pump, repair kit and a handy backpack.  

  1. Jobe Neva 12’6: 

The Jobe Neva is a 12.6 feet SUP board that is exceptionally large for the other SUP boards in its price range. But, the large size is not necessarily a bad feature. The size of the Jobe Neva provides for extra stability and sturdiness when on waters that are swifter and more difficult to navigate in. The special feature of this SUP board is that it can remain standing and stable in wind speeds that are extremely high. This board is recommended for someone who is either already an expert in SUP boarding, or is determined to become an expert SUP boarder.

  1. iRocker11:  

This board too, just like the Jobe Neva, is a large SUP board, the measures a total length of 11 ft. The SUP board can store 275 litres and one of the most exceptional features of this SUP board is the ability to carry a passenger along with the rider itself. Even after carrying a passenger along, the stability and strength of the board in running water is not compromised, and the pointed nose of the SUP board provides for extra rideability, even with an extra person. There is also a seat provided with the SUP board that can be attached to it, when the rider just wants to relax.  

  1. Grom Stoke 7’2: 

The Grom Stoke, developed by Grom, is a SUP board specially designed for younger users and even adult users with a smaller stature. This is a very considerate measure taken by Grom, as not all riders and users can paddle on SUP boards that are very long. The width of the board, too, is larger than normal SUP boards, and the 5-inch thickness also allows for children to comfortably ride it. This SUP board is a great learning tool for children and younger riders that are looking to get into the SUP boarding sport 

  1. Red Paddle 14’ Ride: 

Another great product by Red Paddle, this board is the perfect board for a great outing for the entire family. Featuring a width of 47 inches, that’s right! 47 inches! With that size, four people can easily all ride the one board, and separate individual boards aren’t needed for every member of the group. But, with great size also comes great price. This SUP board is worth a total of £2449, which may seem like a huge investment, but is actually worth the money, looking at the features and size it provides.  

  1. FatstickPink Panther 10’6:  

The Fatstick Pink Panther 10’6 is a great SUP board for anyone that has previous experience in practising the sport, and is now ready for a more realistic and professional experience in the field. The SUP board also has space for an extra rider and can has a long-lasting build that can hold a total of 180 litres. 

  1. Jobe Lena 10’6: 

The Jobe Lena 10’6 is the go-to SUP board for those interested in SUP Yoga. The USP of this board is that it is built specially for doing SUP Yoga. The SUP board can hold a total of 322 litres and provides a surface area of 127×33 inches for the SUP enthusiast.